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Now You Can Get A Full Colour Momento Depicting Steam's Last years around Sydney and in the south of NSW. Like "Northern Exposures" this sequel maintains the highest standard ever seen in Australian Railway books.

At 192 pages it is 25% larger than Northern Exposures

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3102 molonglo gorge nsw steam loco

OK this is a special and not in the book, but look at the scenery. Superb locations on the southern lines of NSW

Marvel at shots of 57 class on heavy freight, the Riverina Express on the long haul from Goulburn to Albury. double headed 36s between Sydney and Goulburn. Brilliant images from a wide collection of photographers.

Let's face it, I was too young to get to Cootamundra in steam days. Imagine seeing the South West Mail pull in to the station after a long journey from Sydney with a streamlined 38 in charge!


3801 South Mail Cootamundra

3801 rolls into Cootamundra station with No. 9, the Down South-West Mail. Despite the frequency of streamliner images on these pages, 3801 – 3805 only comprised a sixth of the class’s numbers. That said, they were much sought after, especially in green livery. Ray Love, 1 January 1964

We set a very high standard with "Northern Exposures", a book that is now a collectors piece having sold out in just over 6 months. The popularity inspired us to dig deep and explore our networks to the full to find the best colour photographs of steam operations on the South. Attention to detail is one of the features of the book, with great captions and extensive information about steam running back in the days.  

Here is some of the feedback from the experts on “Northern Exposures”

Here is what John Clifton had to say about it after viewing the proofs of Lenses South. John has worked on several Railway Publications, and is well known in NSW railway circles.


The book is exceptional! The quality of the images and the layout is superior.


We can’t ask for better feedback than this!

One of the more picturesque and perhaps less known branch lines was the Crookwell line which started at Goulburn. Often a "P" class would haul the mixed on this line.

32 class crookwell steam train

Old Goulburn drivers assure us that although the line to Crookwell was not particularly long, or the loading often near maximum tonnage, several of the grades could present challenges to P class and Standards, especially in icy conditions. 3229 drops downgrade past a farm dam in a richly tinted rural scene. (Dennis Forbes, May 1971)

Did I say 57 class! I never even saw one in steam. There are quite a few in this book. By the time I was in High School 5716 didn't even exist!

57 class steam locomotive

A moving volcano has been visible across the Breadalbane Plain for a while. As it has come up the long straight to our photo position a characteristic one … two three … one … two three exhaust beat has wafted forward on the breeze. 5716 finally moves into camera range in perfect sun, slogging it out with the best part of 900 tons, heading north on the 1 in 66 at the summit of the Great Dividing Range at Cook’s Cutting, between Yarra and Breadalbane. Gary Hughes , 3 October 1960

There were plenty of early morning shots to be had of 31 mixed which started its journey in Sydney at 1:10 am, ending up in Goulburn some 7 hours later. I recall riding this train in 1966 only 2 weeks after having my arm in plaster. I fired 3811 from Bundanoon to Goulburn that day, and boy was my arm sore! Mind you, I loved every minute of it.

3807 Wingello steam train moss vale

That curve and those pines again. 3807 cruises around a curve near Penrose with No. 31 mixed. The KKG horse van immediately ahead of the heavy passenger car looks like it could be right off an 1880s wagon designer’s drawing board. Laurier Williams, September 1968

Moving closer to Sydney, the South provided cold winter mornings and spectacular scenery. The climb from Picton towards Moss Vale was a strain on any engine. In my youth, I dreamed of living on Picton Hill, hearing the sounds of steam working hard on the climb at night. Alas, life took another direction and it never happened.

3 class picton steam loco nsw

3638 and 3326 are seen in optimum light as No. 337 goods angles away from Picton’s built up area towards Redbank tunnel. The P class may be notionally light attached, on transfer to Goulburn for Kosciusko snow express workings to Cooma, but it is not having a free ride by any means. (Graham Cotterall, 7 June 1966)

This is just a teaser of what is in Lenses South. There is detailed information on engine rosters and train movements, documented timings of 38s at 80 mph, stories of hair raising speed runs, and anecdotes from engine men who worked the line.

We are extremely proud of this book, all 192 pages of it. That means 25% more than "Northern Exposures".


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